A Leaf of Faith

Winter Leaf

It’s half past nine on a chilly Friday morning. I’m sitting at my work desk, mostly situated for the day, still brushing the remaining sleepy dust from my tired commuter eyes. Coffee, I think to myself as I grab my little cardboard cup of heaven and take a sip. I let the liquid warm my body from the inside out, smiling to myself. This coffee was better than my coffee the rest of the week because why? It was Friday coffee. Free Friday coffee. (Who said Friday the 13th was all bad?)

Sighing, I close my eyes for a second then get to work. I’m still a little flushed from the walk over, but sitting there while the heat of the building wrapped me up in its warm embrace, I didn’t really mind. There’s something to be said about the feeling when your body slowly melts back into warmth that makes you forget just how much it sucked being cold in the first place. That transition is like no other.

E-mails. Check. I stop for a second and stretch, my gaze lazily wandering over to the window directly across from me. I don’t see much from the 19th floor but the other buildings around me, so you can imagine my surprise when that second, a leaf fell from who even knows where? It fell so calmly and yet so suddenly that I couldn’t help but stare, even after the illusion was out of view. It had to have been an illusion, right?

There are barely any trees in downtown Manhattan.

The trees that do exist are not trees that could reach my floor.

I found myself amazed by something that was so standard back home and couldn’t help but over think it.

Was it fall saying it’s long and last goodbye? It really hadn’t gotten cold until the recent weeks, and it technically wasn’t winter yet. Or did it symbolize something else? Was I running out of time for something? Was it a metaphor for anything is possible?

In the end, I took it for what it was: a leaf of faith. However the leaf got up there didn’t matter as much as the simple fact that it had found a way.  I thought it was amazingly refreshing advice.

With the current year coming to an end and the new one so soon ahead of us, I realized that that would be my resolution. If I wasn’t happy with something, I’d find a way to fix it – even if that meant taking a risk and taking that leaf of faith.

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